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Signature Necklace

  • Actress Melissa Joan Hart’s three children each wrote their names to creat this necklace for her.
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  • Signture Taken from a card writing by her dad!
  • Sterling Sliver handwritten nameplate by my daughter Lucky ( yes its her real name!)
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  • Actress Melissa Joan Hart had her three sons write one litter each of the work MOM to create this awesome necklace!
  • we took an image from a couples wedding logo and added a few more chicks for their anniversary.
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Product Description

We take any signature and create a Sterling Silver modern day heirloom charm that is sure to be as special as the person who is writing it. This amazing Charm necklace was originally created for a Mother’s Day gift for Sara Blakely (SPANX) and was featured in OPRAH Magazine as one of Gayle King’s Favorite Things. Melissa Joan Hart has 2 of them one that her 3 boys wrote one letter of the word MOM and another with her 3 boys names written in their handwriting. 


Just take a sharpee marker and write whatever your hearts desire on a white piece of paper and upload it to us. Its that simple! We have taken signatures off checks, drawings or any other items that you can take photos as well...anything is possible. Pleas email or call us with any questions we are here to help!! 

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