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Redeem Voucher


We believe the best way of creating a signature is to use a chunky marker on a white piece of paper.

If you are using an older signature make sure it is easy to see. It's ok if it is large or if the letters are far apart, our team of experts will edit it so the letters touch and it is the correct size for your piece. Because large loopy letters can get caught on clothing, letters close to the same height work best.

If taking a photo it is best taken by a window or in daylight so there are fewer shadows. Our team of designers review all images, if they find a photo is not usable we will email you. 

if you have any questions please email info@laurelandbleau.com and one of our talented designers will get right back to you! 


Because your laurel & Bleau Signature piece is as special as you are it will take 3-4 weeks to ship to you.

As with all custom/personalized items all sales are FINAL this is standard industry practice.