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BTY breathe. T-shirt

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Product Description

After being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and learning to cope with my new normal I have created a few words that are meaningful to me on this journey, I will donate a % to various charities that help women deal with the unfathomable. 
Laurel & Bleau has always been about creating custom jewelry using words, names or symbols. For years I have sold a “breathe” necklace to customers that were looking for a special piece to give a friend or family member going through something so my first word is “breathe." I think we all need to take a minute to breathe period. 
I have now added T-shirts to the collection. 
 live.” Because there is no other choice we have but to stand up and LIVE period. 
“ fuCk.” The word fuck has also always been a huge part of my brand, my fuck ring is our best seller so why not change it up a bit for those who want to SCREAM just loud enough to say "fuck the big C” period.
Each word has a period after it, I love that is changes the meaning from just a word to a command PERIOD. 
 As our my friend Jesse Itzler always says ‘“ the power of the spoken word is so important in mindset " these are tiny but very mighty powerful words that are a reminder to live, breathe and of course fuck cancer.